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Visit Practical Baker at IBIE Booth 11180

Posted By Bakery.com - on Oct 6, 2016

If you're heading to Las Vegas for the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE) next week, stop by the Practical Baker booth #11180 for the latest in rotary cutters, cake molds and a wide variety of small and medium wares.

Whether you're looking to produce specialty-shaped cookies, pastries or cakes, check out Practical Baker's vast selection of cutters and molds, like the pumpkin rotary cutter pictured here. The company also can customize cutters to your bakery's specification using state of the art 3D printing capabilities.

At Practical Baker, you'll meet experienced bakers who can offer strategies to improve your bakery's production process. "My dad's a baker, my brothers are bakers, and I grew up in the bakery too, so we understand specialty production and labor demands that bakeries need help with," said John Stricker, owner, Practical Baker. "We love to help small companies compete with the big guys. Smaller bakeries shouldn't be afraid of using equipment to save labor. They can still be artisan with a little production help from dough cutters, other practical tools and equipment," he said.

Visit Practical Baker at IBIE booth #11180, or email John Stricker John@bakery.com.

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Visit Practical Baker at IBIE Booth 11180